WhatsApp Solutions

WhatsApp Solutions

We offer the SA Insurance Industry Best-in-Market, Integrated Digital Services, Value-Added & Claim Solutions.

WhatsApp, being one of the most widely used messaging applications globally, provides an ideal environment for enhancing customer experience and streamlining communication.

By integrating WhatsApp into our system, we can offer our clients a convenient and user-friendly channel to access essential claims features and value-added services, and infinitely more.

WhatsApp Conversation Manager Solution


  • Register using your ID number and cell phone number.      
  • Booking a Home or Convenience Drive (If included) 
  • Access to Emergency Assist Services including the activation of a Panic SOS button for an immediate call back to enable emergency services support.
  • Lodging of claims (Photos and Videos) including but not limited to Motor and Non-Motor claims (geyser, piping, resultant damage incidents).
  • First Notification of Loss (FNOL)
  • Recording of an Accident.
  • Access to the Natis system to book your driver’s license renewals or to report or request an Accident Case Number
  • Recording/Scanning of the Driver’s and the 3rd Parties Licence card and disc.
  • Submission of any Vehicle/Home/Motorcycle Pre-inspections
  • Either email the policy schedule to a specified address or integrate it into any insurers’ Policy Administration System supporting various functions as required, like viewing the client policy schedule.
  • Access and manage your vehicle licence disc renewals and payment of discounted fines services (optional).
  • Live chat directly with the call centre for emergency services support.
  • Requesting that the insurer or the broker contact you.
  • Managing your personal documents (Document Vault)
  • Requesting amendments to policies (Change Request)
  • Managing personal information and dependents’ information.
  • Referral of friends
  • Emailing cover of confirmation letter/cross-border letter to a specified email address.
  • Weather Warnings, Road Closure & Accident Alerts, and Load Shedding Alerts