About Us


One Loyalty is an end-to-end value-added product and services solutions company.

One Loyalty has been operating since 2003 and is a B2B “One-Stop-Shop” that has the full competency and capability to deliver a multitude of value-adding services and solutions across various industries.

We provide the SA Insurance Industry with Best-in-Market digital services and value-added solutions, such as our New WhatsApp Conversation Manager Solution. This will allow insurers to be at the cutting edge of self-service technology including claims, service provider management assist service/value-added automation.

We offer companies a comprehensive menu of over 55 value-adding products to assist them in building brand loyalty, and differentiation in the market and to achieve unsurpassed service levels resulting in client retention & acquisition.

Our full turnkey solution includes consultation with our executives who will provide the most cost-effective and advantageous products and solutions in the market, dedicated and daily key account management, 24-hour call centre& WhatsApp support, customer satisfaction calls (CSI) and reporting on all services, ongoing marketing support, continuous product innovation and more.

Our omni-channel services and solutions are backed up by world-class, cloud-based technology, including the latest call centre advancements (WhatsApp, Live Chat, Emails, SMS and Mobile Apps).

Our Unique Differentiators:
We would like to highlight our unique value and differentiated offering to show why we believe we are the best suitable value-added service provider for your company:

  1. Omnichannel Dedicated Call Centre Offering – enabling 24/7/365 WhatsApp and FNOLs, Live Chat, Email, SMS and, of course, traditional calling to allow policyholders/members to communicate with the call centre “live” in their choice of channel.
  2. 24/7/365 WhatsApp Group between key people in our two companies (management and staff included) – always ensuring our best, immediate attention to assist with any escalated queries/concerns.
  3. WhatsApp Manager Solution to assist our clients to automate and digitise communications to policyholders and members.
  4. Support to manage claims service providers – we can refer our clients to a unique and world-class system that works together with their claims system to manage service providers attending to claims. The system improves the quality of the interaction between claims staff, service providers, the broker & the client when servicing a claim.
  5. More than 55 unique value-added services offering flexibility to apply terms and conditions that suit your policyholders/members and your unique requirements plus developing one new, relevant product monthly.
  6. Branded Progressive Web App or Apple/Android App, allowing seamless access via URL/App Store to support access to value-added services, claims logging, accident management and policy viewing capability via API integration into your 3rd party insurance management system. The app can be customised according to your ongoing needs.
  7. Tech-enabled, self-help discounted fines, licence and pothole portal with an easy payment facility and direct delivery to the policyholder’s/member’s preferred address.
  8. Uberised roadside assistance and Uberised armed security guarding – can also be built into the app.
  9. Consolidated Buying Power – to enable you to keep VAP pricing competitive for the long term.
  10. Dedicated Key Account Manager and Marketing Support – to ensure that all daily account requirements and marketing needs (product brochures, presentations, digital marketing, social media etc.) are taken care of.
  11. Assessing Solutions for Building Damage Claims, Plumbing, Piping and Resultant Damage Claims, Special Peril Damage Claims, Contents Claims and Commercial Claims including electrical (a further demo can be done on this tech-enabled/digital assessing solution) if required.
  12. Free Broker/Staff Training and Roadshow Support – we will travel where required for in-person or online training plus provide sponsorship and prizes for annual events.
  13. Travel Club for all policyholders/members with cash-back on all travel bookings – a full detailed presentation would be required.
  14. The Lifestyle Mall provides access to over 350 top retail deals from leading brands that help save time and money.

Assist Services Value Proposition: Regulated Services

  • Credit shortfall
  • Excess buy down
  • Tyre and Rim cover
  • Scratch and Dent
  • Car hire
  • Warranty Top Up
  • Parts Warranty
  • Motorcycle Warranty