Fire Emergency Services

Fire Emergency & Fire Medical Related Services Product in Gauteng

The vital importance of a professional firefighting service often only comes to light after the experience of an unfortunate incident.

It is a well-known fact that major portions of the Greater Johannesburg Region were left without the necessary levels of fire protection that citizens and insurers had depended on before, and it became crucial that a professional, privately owned, first-response firefighting service was necessary to address this need and provide peace of mind to residential and commercial clients alike.

Fire Emergency Services offers this level of sophistication and expertise like no other in the market, incomparable to any currently available fire service.

Fire Emergency Services is supported by a 60+ strong crew of recruits, firefighters, and officers with more than 381 years of combined professional experience.

Fire Emergency Services & Fire Medical Related Services:

  • 24-Hour Emergency Call Centre number and Fire Response Emergency Case Management.
  • Branded / Non-Branded Response App and WhatsApp channel with a Fire Panic Button.
  • Private First Response Service for single residential stand and response assistance (Gauteng only)
  • Public First Response Service for single residential stand and case management (Nationwide)
  • Medical and Security response to fire disaster site
1. Operations (core product)
  • First Response Tactical Firefighting Service
  • Rescue Operations (Car fires included)
2. Consulting (new) 
  • Fire Audits & Risk Analysis
  • Assistance with Fire Drills
  • Risk Assessments on Company Assets
3. Contracts & Installations for Fire Suppression Systems (new) 
  • Consultation
  • Installation of Sprinkler Systems, 
  • Smoke Detection Installation, Monitoring (24-hour in a control room), and Annual Maintenance (Commercial & Residential)
  • Mechanical Smoke Ventilation Options
  • Hand-held fire appliance (Fire Extinguisher Installations and Annual Maintenance) 
  • 2-Hour Rated Fire Sheets (Customisable Sizes)
  • Fire Safety & First Aid Courses 
4. Fire Investigations (new) 
  • Investigating the Origin & Cause of Fire-Related Incidents Special Services 
  • Event Standby Assistance
  • Insurance Purpose Standby
  • Special Service Standby for Renovations
Post-Fire Services (new):
  • Comprehensive Fire Report Document Service
  • Submit a Fire Claim Form through a Branded Mobile App or WhatsApp Solution to your Insurer 
  • Guarding Services available post-fire damage 
  • Trauma Counselling Services (Optional)
  • Salvaging Services (Clean up the site) 
  • Accommodation assistance for you and your animals
  • Storage Services – assistance with surviving home items that may be stored until renovations are concluded
Who Do We Support?
  • Commercial & Industrial – Retail & Office
  • Gated Communities
  • Lifestyle Estates
  • Retirement / Senior Living Villages
  • Freestanding Residential Dwellings
  • And so much More
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