New Business WhatsApp Solution

Transform your client interactions and redefine your Brokerage/UMA/Insurance operations with One Loyalty’s revolutionary WhatsApp Solution tailored uniquely for your policyholders! πŸŒπŸ“±

Discover a suite of features designed to streamline your workflow and enhance your client relationships, to create a future where managing your insurance world is just a tap away:

✨ Simplify client onboarding with a customizable and user-friendly registration process

✨ Seamlessly integrate with your Policy Administration System for efficient policy schedule management

✨ Receive Accident Scene Management support to assist clients in times of a claim need

✨ Stay ahead of claims with the First Notification of Loss (FNOL) feature

✨ Effortlessly process and manage claims via voice notes, photos, and/or video submissions

✨ Facilitate quick and easy policy updates through the Change Requests feature

✨ Provide your policyholders with instant policy confirmations via email

✨ Access All Emergency Assist Services for prompt support, including a Panic SOS button

✨ Leverage unique communication features tailored for efficient broker-client interaction

✨ Coordinate and book Home or Convenience Drives seamlessly (optional)

✨ Stay informed with push notifications for important alerts and marketing messages

✨ Manage vehicle license disc renewals (optional)

✨ Streamline discounted fines (up to 50%) payment assistance and pothole claims recovery assistance (optional)

✨ Access Accident reporting through the Natis System

✨ Capture and store vehicle licenses with ease for efficient processing

✨ Simplify vehicle/motorcycle pre-inspections and home pre-inspections to create a comprehensive item inventory for clients

✨ Connect instantly with our call center via live chat for efficient emergency support

✨ Facilitate client requests for callbacks from insurers with a simple click of a button

✨ Safeguard and manage client documents securely through the Document Vault

✨ Efficiently manage client personal information and dependents’ details

✨ Unlock referral opportunities and earn rewards for business growth

✨ Keep your clients informed pro-actively with real-time Weather Warnings and Load Shedding Alerts

✨ Artificial Intelligence applied to pro-actively assist and support call centre services for continuous learning to be applied to the platform

✨ Ongoing engagement to build and personalise features for your business!


Elevate your business to new heights – it’s not just about policies, it’s about empowering insurers for success.

Welcome to the future of communication & engagement with One Loyalty’s WhatsApp Solution.

Your tools, your clients, your vision, reimagined. πŸŒπŸš€

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