Cyber Warranty

In today’s digital world, almost everyone needs protection against online threats. To defend against these risks, you need effective protection 🔒

Introducing DigiCare, a comprehensive Digital Risk Protection Platform that protects yourself, and your family, from online threats.


DigiCare offers Cyber Restitution and Legal and restitution Services, psychological support for traumatic online events, and a Cyber Warranty.

Restitution Services
• In the event of online fraud or financial losses due to identity theft. We prove your innocence and reverse reputational damage and possible negative credit records due to unauthorised use of your identity or data.

Cyber Harassment Support Services
• In the case of online emotional abuse (including cyberbullying, online threatening and intimidation, slander, harassment, stalking, and revenge porn), our professional and cyber-trained psychologists provide emotional/psychological support and mediation.

Legal Services
• Should your case advance to a level where formal legal advice and court procedures are required, our panel of legal specialists will act on your behalf – covered by Digimune for fees up to $ 5,000 (or local currency equivalent) per year.

Cyber Warranty:
• Device & Data Loss (Malware Corruption)
• Financial Extortion (Ransomware)
• Loss of Funds (Financial Breach)

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