Bail Assistance

In need of Bail Assistance?

We are available 24/7 to apply, fix, and pay bail on your member’s behalf and thereby ensure that they don’t have to spend unnecessary time behind bars. We therefore not only negotiate bail to be granted but also pay the bail amount whereupon the member is immediately released from prison.

Bail Panic Assistance will be for the following crimes:

  • Any common law crimes which are crimes such as murder, robbery, fraud, theft, housebreaking, kidnapping, attempted murder, culpable homicide, assault, etc.
  • Any statutory crimes which are crimes such as unlawful possession of a firearm or ammunition, narcotic-related offenses, any environmental offences, reckless and negligent driving, drunken driving, speed violations, other vehicle-related infringements, contempt of court, etc.
  • Any arrest following a warrant of arrest issued.
  • Any arrest following domestic abuse or being in violation of a Domestic Violence Interdict.

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